Master of the Illegible: Mirtha Dermisache 

JUly 17, 2018, 5–6pm



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Led By

Gina DeCagna

Primary Texts

 “Witness Mirtha Dermisache: Being Recognized by a Stranger” by Patrick Durgin and “Mirtha Dermisache and the Limits of Language” by Will Fenstermaker


A master of the illegible, Mirtha Dermisache invents her own syntactic and lexical structures beaming with potential for multidimensional meaning-making. In this meeting, we will select pieces from her oeuveur for group readings of their meanings; we’ll then proceed to experiment with exercises in writing our own invented languages to disseminate and translate among the group.


Mirtha Dermisache Archive

For Further Reading

Selected Writings (Eds. Daniel Owen and Lisa Pearson, Siglio Press and Ugly Duckling Presse, 2018) — see the links to the reviews




Center for Programs in Contemporary Writing, 3808 Walnut Street, Room 111, Philadelphia, PA 19104