It Is Almost That: Ann Hamilton, Jane Hammond, Lisa Pearson 

JUNE 26, 2018, 5–6pm



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Led By

Gina DeCagna

Primary Listening

 “It Is Almost That: Ann Hamilton, Jane Hammond, Lisa Pearson,” Art and Literature Series, New York Public Library, 2014


“Because the frame is image+text, we’re reminded that all of us generally do more. Female artists don’t just stay in their disciplines; we experience, we forage, we play. Intuitively and practically speaking, It Is Almost That is, in effect, a handbook. It, by presenting female art history, shows us how to be an artist.” —Eileen Myles

In 2014, Lisa Pearson—publisher of Siglio Press, a treasure trove of uncommon books at the intersection of art and literature—released It Is Almost That, a collection of image and text by women artists and writers. In this meeting, we’ll pass out copies of the book to continue the discussion among Lisa Pearson with artists Ann Hamilton and Jane Hammond regarding how connections between the visual and verbal deepen the experience of seeing and reading, thinking and listening, and writing and speaking.


Siglio Press
Ann Hamilton
Jane Hammond: Artist’s Website, The John Ashbery Collaboration
Lisa Pearson

Additional Listening

The Future of Art Book Publishing: Margaret Chace, Paul Chan, Sharon Gallagher, Chul R. Kim, Arezoo Moseni




Center for Programs in Contemporary Writing, Room 111, 3808 Walnut Street, Philadelphia, PA 19104