Points of view: essay, diary, and image in Moyra Davey's practice

JUNE 5, 2018, 5–6:30pm




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Led by 

Bea Huff Hunter

Primary Text

Davey, Moyra. The Problem of Reading. New York: Documents, 2003. [PDF]


Explore some of the ways that visual art and writing come face to face in this summer reading group. Read texts by artists and scholars, reflect on interdisciplinary relationships, and write your own experimental drafts. RSVP for one session or follow along for the season. 

In this first session, we'll discuss photographer, filmmaker, and writer Moyra Davey's The Problem of Reading, alongside excerpts from her other works. We'll think about Davey's essayistic movement between first and third person perspectives, her use of narrative fragments and quotation from other authors, and the relationship between text and image in her artist books—and we'll see what writing from different points view does to our writing through a closing exercise.

Additional Readings

Goldberg, Ariel and Rachel Levitsky. "A same time speed: Moyra Davey's 'The Problem of Reading." [Link]

Weisburg, Jessica. "Can Self-Exposure Be Private?" The New Yorker, [Link]






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